Not Living Up to Expectations

Featured Card: 2001 Topps Heritage #375, Travis Lee; 2002 Donruss Diamond Kings #101, Marlon Byrd

The end of my last post on December 14: “My 2011 Phillies Cards in Review will resume tomorrow. Really, it will. Don’t roll your eyes in disbelief. I mean it!”

The problem with ending that post in such a manner is that within a couple days I started feeling really sheepish about those words. Worse still, I found myself procrastinating because I felt like that once I finally did return, I had to acknowledge the ridiculousness of those words — which is something I didn’t actually want to do. So, having completely froze into inaction due to a semantic morass of my own making, I decided the time arrived for me to just resume.

On one level, I actually feel a little silly for admitting all this. After all, this isn’t a professional blog by any stretch of the imagination — though I do attempt a professional level of writing and research (when I engage in the latter). Nonetheless, I have expectations for myself that I want to maintain, and for the last 23 days, I did nothing of the sort. So, it’s a new year and I while I won’t promise to post more, I will certainly make a concerted effort to post more consistently. That doesn’t mean posting every day or even every other day — it just means that there won’t ever be another 23-day stretch between posts or posting anything like the sentence which closed my post on December 14.

Having said all that, my 2011 Phillies Cards in Review will resume with the next post, with the goal of completing the series before 2012 Topps arrives on store shelves.

2 responses to “Not Living Up to Expectations

  1. I thought the title of this post referred to Travis Lee….

    • Although I wasn’t writing about Lee or Byrd in particular, it did seem like using their cards was an obvious choice for writing about not meeting expectations.

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